How To Get Instant Traffic With Alphainventions

“This site had been driving me crazy – until I worked out how it works.  Now, I am happy!’

                            – Lesley Dewar (Owner of No Tall Poppies) is a traffic engine site that is absolutely remarkable in generating traffic for blogs and sites that update their content on a regular basis.

Unexpected Traffic

You may well have already had unexpected traffic referred to you by and wondered who and what they are.  We did!  After spending many hours and doing some trial and error postings, we began to understand some of the ways you can use to build your traffic.

 No Tall Poppies site had over 1200  2000 visitors in seven eleven hours directed from

We had such an overwhelming response to the first post that we have set up this special site for and other excellent sites and will be updating it regularly with valuable information on how to Build Your Traffic.

You are welcome to use everything here to help drive traffic to your own site and we will be adding more Lessons on Build Your Traffic, as time goes by.

Start Building More Traffic

brought to you in the interests of helping you achieve your own success by Build Your Traffic


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2 responses to “How To Get Instant Traffic With Alphainventions

  1. Jo Tito

    Kiaora Lesley,

    Thanks for leaving a message on my blog and apologies for taking a while to reply.

    I stumbled on Alpha Inventions – a link may have come through twitter, I can’t remember. But what I do remember is that I got traffic by just adding my blog ONCE into the cycle, not a lot of traffic maybe an extra 20 hits a day and I didn’t know where it came from. I checked the stats and saw that the referrals came from Alpha Inventions.

    As you have said you don’t have to keep adding your blog to the cycle to get traffic, just update your blog. I do still get traffic when I don’t enter my blogs into the cycle but when I do enter my blog, I get more traffic, instantly!

    What I am interested in is how to utilise this tool to capture an audience in the short moment that your blog is in view because I am guessing that unless something catches a viewers eye and is of interest, then they are not going to bother having a look.

    So chances are the 150 hits a day I receive, most are not really interested in what I have to say, it just so happens that my blog is in front of them at the time.

    What do you think? I am interested in your research and will have a good look around your website.

    Jo 🙂

    • Hi Jo and thanks for the reply.

      The key to capturing more traffic is related to several issues:
      1. Who is the “target market” for your site?
      2. Is the first thing that a viewer sees when they click on your link in Alphainventions a ‘standout’ statement that will grab their attention, assuming they are in your “target market”?
      3. Do you have a variety of ‘standout statements’ for your “target market” – so, if they missed you the first time, they won’t miss you the second or the third time?

      Have a read through the research and the comments – which you should find helpful as well. We are building up good tips on how to maximise using the traffic from Alpha Inventions, too.

      Thanks for the comments and this is definitely one of the key ways to find people who should be interested in what you have to say – do a backlink and look at everyone who visited you. It’s a two street, for traffic. 🙂


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