Why Are You Here?


Are you looking for ways to build extra income to help your family? Are you a one-income household?


It’s easy to get started – with the right advice!


You have to ask yourself


“Why Are You Here?”



No, not “Why Are You Here?” – you know, the big question about “Life, the Universe and the Answer to everything is the number 42.”



No, “Why Are You Here?” 


right here, on this page?



Because if you are here to find

ways to add to your income with 




if you have  




if you bring  



then you are in the right place


 Because this is your link to Lesson 2.



Lesson 1 taught you how to start building traffic with Alphainventions.com



Just read some of the comments we got on Lesson 1:


Thank you for the explanation Lesley. I was actually speculating if this was a bot or for real cuz AI drove crazy traffic to my blog (its a good thing altho:) ) I was always excited by the power of networking.. AI just made it better 🙂                      mihirbijur@xxxxl.com


Just bumped you I guess and found this at the same time – randomly cool or … eltom@xxxx.com  


Wow this is one of the best explanations on how to use alphainventions.com Good job, and keep it up.  I’m sure this will help a lot of people.  services@alphainventions.com   


Thank-you for explaining it Lesley, I had wondered who alphaimvemtions were, and why so many people were arriving at my blog which is only three days old!!!!I see you’re fan of pressrow too – nice and clear isn’t it? annaraccoon@xxxx.com 



Lesson 2 will help you create a good, sound, recurring income from that Traffic.


No “Get Rich Quick Schemes,” but to show you how to steadily increase your personal income with good quality web traffic.



To do that, you NEED help – help from people who have done it over and over again – and who want to help you – at a price you can afford.


 Before you start Lesson 2, click here to give us permission to let you know immediately we update the site with Lesson 3 on Build Your Traffic – We don’t want you to miss even one update!


Great – now let’s go!

Let’s get started with Lesson2- Building Your Skills



 brought to you in the interests of helping you achieve your own success by Build Your Traffic


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