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One of the keys to having a blog or website that lots of search engines will find is having backlinks embedded from other sites.


Leaving comments for others and having them respond to you, gives you a backlink.  It is easy to do and really lifts the value of both your sites. Of course, they are only going to reply to you if your comment is of interest to them.

Remember the key phrase:

It Is Not About You!

It Is Not About You!


Here is a sample of some of the comments of the last couple of days:

We have a backlink!

I’ve been getting quite a few views via AI but hardly any translate into comments and that’s what I’m really after because that’s where the monologue becomes a dialogue.

I thought it was something to do with the ‘esoteric’ content on my blog but thinking about it, I haven’t left too many comments myself, so I guess that’s the way forward.

Thanks for the advice on this.                Posted on Lesson 1  and you can read the reply.



It’s so nice of you to take notice of my comment and respond to the same.

My blog is a reflection of my stocks trading and my personal life. I update my blog daily without fail.

I will without fail share with you any idea I come out with to improve

                                                      Posted on Lesson 1 and you can read the reply.


Thanks for visiting my blog, and congratulations on all your success.
Have a great day!                   Posted on Understanding Viral Marketing and you can read the reply


Thanks; great content ;-)                    Posted on Lesson 1    and you can read the reply


I noticed a lot of traffic to our Optical gossip site ( being directed from alphainventions. Even though we’re an industry specific site and the majority of people wouldn’t understand it, I wanted to recognize your efforts. I’ll pass along your site whenever possible.

Reply:  Thank you. I am delighted that a lot a people who are getting traffic through have responded to say that now they have a better idea of how it works and, even better, that it is a legitimate referral site and works well even for those who have never heard of it. Which was me – until a couple of days ago . I appreciate your kind comments.

Posted on No Tall Poppies – How To Get Instant Traffic From

**there are many more comments at the same post



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6 responses to “Build Your Traffic Gets Great Feedback On AlphaInventions Updates

  1. iadiedee

    so here’s another one that saw you on AI and decided to pop in to see what you’re about. 🙂

  2. synapticlight

    AI seems to be very very effective in getting my blog loaded and offers the potential for the person watching to pause long enough to be tempted to engage.
    On the times I have made use of AI I have been quite impressed with it’s effectiveness – but alas I have not seen that been translated into consistent readership outside of AI and better still interaction through comments – which to me is what I am interested in.

    Have you seen this translation?

    • I am running statistics on my traffic through wordpress which shows me the referral sources that brings people to my sites; the number of total views (which includes each time your page displays on Alpha Inventions, I am pretty sure) and also the number of pages that are visited. I am seeing several things:
      Alpha Inventions has brought me huge traffic views when the topic is eye catching (eg Dolphin Slaughter in Japan – 1900 in one day);
      Alpha Inventions brings additional traffic after you write about them in your blog – even if you have not submitted your site through them on that occasion
      A submission to AI always brings some additional traffic (views)

      What I am finding is that my traffic is steadily increasing and the referral sources (wordpress dashboard; AI; the new CN search engine, even LiveFeed etc) are increasing all the time. The pages that are visited is also increasing and the viewing of associated sites (eg No Tall Poppies linked to Build Your Traffic linked to Smart Poppies)

      Yesterday (11/3/2009) No Tall Poppies had 101 views from 37 referrals, of which only 13 were from Alpha Inventions. 46 pages were visited – so, if we assume that 13 views from AI resulted only in views on their site, but no actual visits; 36 referrals generated 88 views and 46 pages were visited. That means that I am now getting about one in every two people who come across my site (No Tall Poppies) are taking the time to actually stop and read something there. Or maybe one in every four is reading at least two pages on the site – I am still evaluating the data.

      There is no doubt that using Alpha Inventions has brought me and continues to bring me an increasing readership and an increasing number of referral sources.

      On comments – don’t hold your breath – very few people comment. I make it a practice to visit at least thirty other sites a week and leave a comment. I might get two responses on my own site from that. It’s recurring readership that is the true value and you will never be able to measure that by comments. Start analysing your Stats on your dashboard to see where and when and why your traffic arrives. Cheers Lesley

      PS Thanks very much for stopping by and asking a very interesting question.

  3. leornian

    My traffic has only just begun – and all thanks to AI

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