Understanding Viral Marketing

Do You Send Emails On To Your Friends And Family?

Of course you do.  We all do.  That’s half the fun of being on line!


Did You Know Doing That Means You Have Caught A Virus?

Now, don’t excited. 

We don’t mean that YOU have caught a virus that will make you ill. 

We don’t mean (necessarily) that YOU are sending a Virus on to your family and friends – BUT we will be talking about that very seriously in a later lesson.


Now Here Is The Good News!

The Virus You Have Caught Is Absolutely

Essential To Your Success.


To understand the impact of the message that you will hear, remember this key phrase

It Is Not About You!

That’s Right!

It Is Not About You!

Repeat This Key Phrase Three Times:

It Is Not About You!

It Is Not About You!

It Is Not About You!





If You Really Want To Build Your Traffic,

You Must Watch This Amazing Video Presentation.

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How To Go Viral


brought to you in the interests of helping you achieve your own success by Build Your Traffic




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14 responses to “Understanding Viral Marketing

  1. I have one post that mentions Alpha Inventions and it has gotten thousands of readers. I have another one that mentions it, and it has only gotten the few readers that any new post will bring in. Maybe this mention will do it for you. I can’t say for sure what makes this thing work, but it is pretty awesome. Thanks for stopping by my site.

    • Thanks for the visit and thanks for the comment. We got such great traffic from Alphainventions.com that we decided to try and find out how to get the best results from it and how to show others to do the same. We will keep testing and telling about what we find. We are also looking for feedback and tips for best use from others, so we can add real value.

      If you check out Lesson 2 – you will have a better idea of some of the things that happen on Alphainventions.com. Meantime, we are creating an analytical data base of our own contacts from AI.

  2. Hi Leslie,
    Thanks for visiting my blog, and congratulations on all your success.
    Have a great day!

  3. spirithappy

    Hi Lesley, I found you on Alpha Inventions. Alpha does seem like great thing. It is interesting though concerning the traffic.
    As example our site is about personal development for spiritual people , we help people with depression,suicide and cutting.
    We get great quality traffic in general not including Alpha but Alpha is great and has sent good views. It seems it depends on the topic of your blog. Our blog handles serious issues and current events from a spiritual point of view to raise awarness and solve problems. So maybe it depends on the topic. Also are your visitors staying on your site or is just a quick look and run I love Alpha but it is hard to judge the quality of the views. Thanks, Spirithappy

    • Thanks for letting me know that you found me on Alpha Inventions. Was that in the reading cycle or did I come up when you “bumped” me, when you did your own submission? That is very important information for my research into AI.

      Concerning the traffic: 1. content (not topic) matters; 2. update regularly; 3. comment and create backlinks which strengthens both sites for all search engines, including AI. The length of time the visitors will stay depends upon the quality of your site and whether the topic is of interest to them – so the first view they get of your site is critically important. We are putting some tests in place to see how sticky the views are – but in such a huge playing field as the internet, even with Alphainventions.com it is hard to discern. We are also getting some more technical info from the site’s inventor to help with those evaluations. Our No Tall Poppies got a huge response when we first submitted to AI and because we update regularly (but not every day) we continue to get repeat visits because, like you, we have huge content. Content is king.

      We ended up building Build Your Traffic so that we could actually deal with the AI thing as a separate site to our own. We had about 1990 visitors in one day – we had nothing to “sell” except social networking and we are getting steady repeat visitors and subscribers for our (not yet published) newsletter.
      Cheers Lesley

  4. Hello Lesley,

    Thanks for your post on my blog. I am very intrigued about how alphainventions.com works as well. As you already know, building traffic takes careful strategy and patience. I call it the “hub and spoke” system where you have a main site, such as a blog you want to drive traffic to, and generate traffic via many different ways simultaneously.

    For instance, sending articles with backlinks to article directories, commenting on other blogs, contacting blog directories and submitting your URL, doing offline promotion such as passing out mini flyers or “business cards” that have your URL on it, starting up other blogs you own that direct, via blogroll or mentions back to your initial site, there is simply too many ways to mention here, but you get the point.

    Keep up the good work here and I will send people here.


    • Hi, Bruce and thanks for the great feed back. Yes, building traffic does take time, patience, effort and being absolutely reliable. We intend to provide a level of service to those who subscribe that will genuinely help them to build a real presence – whether they want their blogs read or they want to make money or a little of both. We have been looking at this for some time and it seems to us that Alphainventions.com has a great tool that is not well understood yet. So far, the inventor has given us excellent feedback on the work we have done and the more people who understand it and use it in the way it is designed to be used, the better it will be for everyone. We will certainly be happy to have you referring people here. Cheers Lesley

  5. This is a prime example of how to gain readership from bloggers like yourself. Good Job, and keep it up. This is a guaranteed way to get more traffic to your blog from alphainventions.com

    Take notes guys and leave comments.

    • Hi, Cheru Thanks for the endorsement of the methodology – because as you can see, we have spent well over one hundred hours just testing to see how the system works, what makes the cycles change and how to get the best responses to our site. We are delighted to be able to help people get better results for themselves by applying the correct processes to the reading cycle; leaving comments and genuinely engaging in an interactive process with other bloggers and sites. It is a shame that people who do not yet understand how to make the best use of AI are not putting in the little extra effort required in a co-operative process for everyone’s benefit. Cheers Lesley

  6. Anki


    I would also like to mention that I found you through Alpha Inventions!
    Such a great site for us bloggers to attract attention!

    Good luck with your business!


  7. Joe

    Hi Lesley!

    Thank you for your insight (and hard work!). I’ve been scratching my head quite a bit since finding AI 2 weeks ago. Trying to figure out what makes this puppy bark has been a tad on the frustrating side.

    I’m eager to watch your video (got you bookmarked so I can do so over the weekend) and become more adept in this new AI universe.

    As the old movie lines goes… “I’ll be back!”

    • Thanks Joe. We have been quietly letting this percolate away for a couple of weeks now and have some good figures on which to work. Over this weekend, I will be putting some of them into context and publishing an update. Cheers Lesley

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