Join Twitter From LinkedIn

With many more LinkedIn users and Twitter users wanting a quick way to connect, there are a couple of answers.

The traditional way:

In your LinkedIn profile, you can put your Twitter link into one of your three URL links – that comes directly to your Twitter profile and your LinkedIn connection can follow you from there (they have to sign in again to Twitter, at present, but once done it stays connected between LinkedIn and Twitter.)



 The fun way: while you are logged on at LinkedIn: 

In your profile, select the LinkedIn Application called COMPANY BUZZ – put Twitter in as one of the words you want to track. The search engine in LinkedIn is actually powered by Twitter and searches Twitter itself! **

It will come up with thousands of Twitter users – as they post anything into Twitter. Click on their name (RHS at the bottom of their avatar) and it takes you directly to their Twitter profile.   You can “follow” them in a second!

You can also respond directly to any of their Tweets – right from the search – without following.

Better than that: it has a fantastic search engine option – right there in LinkedIn.  You can search by a word (try spider) – and when the Tweets come up – you can reply and follow that Twitter user if you wish.

This will show you heaps of Twitter users that you might like to connect with, to expand your connections in both places and if you are already connected on Twitter – you will see the “follow” tick. 

Try it out. Let us know how it goes.  Visit my linked in profile   

There is also a (good) trick to accessing the Company Buzz on LinkedIn – now that it is basically a Twitter Search Engine for LinkedIn Users.  You need to go to Applications and “install” Company Buzz on your profile.  It will not appear in your public profile after the update – but don’t worry.

When you want to do a Twitter Search, simply select LinkedIn Applications on your main LinkedIn profile and then click on Company Buzz.

Because you have already installed it on your LinkedIn profile – it will come up, ready for you to do your search.

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**This is actually a major change – because the Company Buzz used to search for “news” about the companies or people you entered. Now, it is all about Twitter.

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