AlphaInventions Research Continues

The launch of the new website BuildYourTraffic.netwas submitted through on 30th March 2009 – from Perth Western Australia at about 7:00pm WDST.

Part of the research into the effectiveness of AlphaInventions as a real traffic generator was to see whether their search engines responds to text about their site or to links to their site. While the submission was being made, a red box popped up on screen to confirm that there is no direct link to included on the site.

Rather than being an oversight at this initial stage – it is part of the specific market testing of Alpha Inventions.

We like Alpha Inventions and we like the way a community is being built within the site. We just want to know how to get the best and most effective use from Cheru’s invention.

We were also interested to see whether announcing a website that includes a great deal of written content about AlphaInventions sparked its memory and randomly sent any viewers from its reading cycle back to this site.

The views from AlphaInventions to this site during the 18 hour review period: NONE (that is, until the writing of this post)

Compare that to 5256 “views” on 17th March 2009 and 5041 views on 14 March 2009 – when we wrote extensively about setting up the AlphaInventions Experiment.

So there has been no correlation at all in the AlphaInventions search engine between the newly submitted website with extensive content about AI – but no embedded URL. It remains to be seen what this new post will generate – without any further submission to AlphaInventions.  Then we will remove the URL Link to AlphaInventions and manually resubmit the site – to see what response we then get.  We will keep you updated.


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2 responses to “AlphaInventions Research Continues

  1. Enjoyed my visit at your very informative and interesting site. As ever be well and keep up the great work

    • Thanks for the comment Stephen. It is a most interesting journey we are on here – how true it is that “to journey is better than to arrive”. 🙂
      Cheers Lesley

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