Learning Twitter? Learn It Here!

“Are You A Twitter TWION”

Perfect for learning how Twitter works and how to avoid making some silly mistakes, this handbook is invaluable for those just starting out on Twitter and who find  it hard to understand the intricate ways in which Twitter meshes all its services together.  Written by Lesley Dewar, who has a Twitter Grading of 99.9% – it combines experience and experimentation – to give the beginner and the regular user excellent tips and straightforward answers.

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This Twitter Handbook has been very well received and this is the latest update:

_buzzirkmobileRT @LesleyDewar Absolutely loved your blog on Twittering – probably the best I’ve read on the subject. Kudos to you and thanks.

dcychan@LesleyDewar Like your mentoring and help to newbies. Great to follow.

RT @chrisabraham @BlogCoach TheTwitterati keep telling us how to use and not use Twitter but we need to learn how it is actually being used.

Peirre Debois I like the specifics in the given examples, from Tweetstream to being a TWION.  I have not attempted the search feature but it is excellent from what I know.  Real time search will divide the usage from Google users once people realize its value.  Great suggestions here! 



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