Lesson 1 – Build Your Traffic

Beginners’ Guide To Getting Started  at Alphainventions

This is how to start: 

  • go to Alphainventions.com and submit your blog – it gets put into a “reading” cycle (after you have twice validated the request) and you then see your blog in the list AND the name of the blog you have just “booted” off the reading list.   

http://notallpoppies.wordpress.com is in the reading cycle until someone else shares a blog  Please check back often to make sure your blog is still in the reading cycle.  You’ve just bumped olias out of the reading cycle

  • We have not been able to determine (yet) how many blogs are in the reading cycle, so it is a bit hard to know when your blog will show up.


  •  out of courtesy, or curiosity (as the “bootor”) you will probably want to have a look at the “bootee” – maybe even leave a comment.  That gets your poor “victim” at least one viewer.  Now, depending on how many times your predecessor has been “booted” and viewed, they might have a fairly high hit rate on their blog.


  •  don’t bother to click the button to go “see yourself in the reading cycle” – not just yet.


After about a minute and a half – hit the refresh button.  What happens?   You get to “boot” someone else off and you are back in the cycle.  Be nice.  Visit them, too.


Read some of  their blog.  Leave a comment.


Why?  Several good reasons.

  1. It’s polite, since you have just removed them from the reading cycle
  2. Everyone likes to have the occasional comment, so consider it as a gift of great kindness.
  3. You will be amazed and astounded at the beautiful people you will meet.
  4. Most will visit you and leave a comment in return and then, you will have both given each other the greatest blogging gift of all, a backlink.




If you refresh too quickly – and you are still in the reading pane – you get a “no no” messsage and you have to start again with a resubmit of your site.  Takes all of half a minute.



 NOW – hit the “go see yourself in the reading cycle” button.  At the main website, there are three ways the blogs are being cycled:

  1. displayed on screen – up to about five or six in rotation – they are probably the payors (as in AI is the payee when you donate or subscribe)


  1. a series of blogs shown by their name and the reason you see them:  they mentioned AI in their blog; they used AI to let their readers know (by submission) that their blog was updated; they have linked to AI in their blog.



  1. the most exciting one of all WHO IS LIVE NOW – because it very well could be YOUR blog.  In fact, our own blog showed up quite a few times as the LIVE blog for viewing, but we read that as being being top of the list as the “bootor” and we failed to appreciate that we were actually in view.  It was a random click that revealed all.


One of the most frustrating and exciting and time consuming things on the web is the LIY philosophy:  Learn It Yourself.



Checking our blog statistics, it comes up over and over again as THE SITE sending us lots of traffic.  That’s because once your site has been submitted a few times, it starts referring readers to you when you update your blogs (like this update) without you having to resubmit.


That’s when the traffic really starts.  It also gives you the opportunity to see a lot of blogs being cycled and you can

·        stop them,

·        read them,

·        comment,

·        even submit them to StumbledUpon and others. 

Every blogger’s dream is to have instant traffic to peruse their words of wisdom, their Christmas Cracker joke or look at their newest offer, as soon as their blog is updated.


How good are the views?  Depends on what the other blogger is looking for and how attractive your blog is to them.  You might have thought “maybe a little lower than average, because what you have is a whole load of bloggers pushing you off the top of the heap and probably with not a lot of sympathy for you.”  I beg to differ!   Why?  


Even if they haven’t worked out how the damn thing works yet, it might appear that you are all pushing and shoving in the dark.  But in fact, there is enormous support in the AI community for one another, as fellow users of the service.

It is entirely up to you to determine the quality of the traffic for your purpose in being here. You will absolutely meet s0me really great bloggers, too, as I have already done. 

And it is up to you to make sure the first look anyone gets at your page in the reading cycle makes them want to STOP, LOOK and COMMENT.


While we slog away at BYT (Build Your Traffic), you don’t have to LIY (Learn It Yourself).

To have more and more ways to use this very helpful system, you just ask us to let you know when the next update is ready.  Simple really – just get on the “Build Your Traffic” mailing list

Just click here to give us permission to let you know immediately we update the lessons on Build Your Traffic – We don’t want you to miss even one update!
It goes without saying, but we will say it anyway: We will never rent, sell or spam our mailing list. From time to time, we may forward offers to you that we think you might like. But we will never allow a third party to directly access our mailing list. No way!








13 responses to “Lesson 1 – Build Your Traffic

  1. AflacGa

    Thanks; great content. 😉

    • Thanks for the visit and thanks for the comment. We got such great traffic from Alphainventions.com that we decided to try and find out how to get the best results from it and how to show others to do the same. We will keep testing and telling about what we find. We are also looking for feedback and tips for best use from others, so we can add real value.

  2. Hi Lesley,

    Its so nice of you to take notice of my comment and respond to the same.

    My blog is a reflection of my stocks trading and my personal life. I update my blog daily without fail.

    I will without fail share with you any idea I come out with to improve Alphainventions.com.

    Wish you all a Healthy And Wealthy New Year.

    • Thanks for the feedback and the kind words. Right now, I am working out how to show people the best way to respond to comments that have been left on their site without actually leaving the reading cycle. That seems to be one of the big issues – leaving comments when the reading cycle is in progress and getting the recipient to respond to them. Cheers Lesley

  3. smith3000

    Hi Lesley,
    We have a backlink!

    I’ve been getting quite a few views via AI but hardly any translate into comments and that’s what I’m really after because that’s where the monologue becomes a dialogue.

    I thought it was something to do with the ‘esoteric’ content on my blog but thinking about it, I haven’t left too many comments myself, so I guess that’s the way forward.

    Thanks for the advice on this.

    • G’day and thanks for the backlink. We are working to build up a library of useful information about Alphainventions because it will be very helpful for anyone who wants to develop an online presence and does not want to sit clicking exchange banners for hours a day! As all the feed back comes in, we are keeping notes and we will copy and paste some of it into future posts when we have had some good feedback to encourage new readers to understand how to get better value out of AI. Cheers Lesley

  4. Hi Lesley,

    Thanks for leaving me a comment. I assume I was one of the blogs you bumped off AI. Just kidding. Good tips.



    • Hi, Kirby – No, if I had bumped you, I would have said so in the comment. Thanks for the nice comments, we are working to build up useful stuff on AI so we all get more traffic and better traffic. I probably backtracked you from the comments section on AI. I have family (son & daughter in law) in Toronto – but they are not buying nor selling at present. They have a lovely condo – not too far out of the CBD. The condo’s there are a strange sight to us Australians. Cheers Lesley

  5. My last two submissions to AI I got a total of…0 hits. None. Not in the cycle at all. It’s over. A great temporary thing, and I emphasize the word temporary.

    • Hi, rjjrdq Sorry, but my detailed analysis (based on over 100 hours on the site) does not support your statement that the process is temporary. But, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Cheers Lesley

  6. sure madam this info was a peace to my soul…last night i found out that they sent me 114 views!!!starnge i never visited them.nor head abt them..but then..noone gave any comments…so i thought how can these many ppl come and go away without leaving comments…so it must be a fake thing…glad to kno it isnt fake at alll:)

    • Hi Narendra and thanks for your comments. I had a look at your blog and hope your enjoy the article on writing Haiku, too. Because of the way the Alphainventions rotates various sites into and out of view – not everyone actually visits your blog – but it is displayed and they have the opportunity to make it pause, read it, leave a comment or just wait for the next one. So, having a good opening story for your blog is a key part of getting comments and regular readers. Cheers Lesley

  7. Great post. Hope to see even more great posts in the future.

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