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Come Fly With Us!

Stories My Nana Tells are for the young and the young at heart.

Stories My Nana Tells is an online subscriber service, which will dispatch a new story every second week. Each story will come directly to you as the subscriber or can be sent to your nominated child or grandchild – It will be your choice – you can subscribe for both of you, if you wish.

If you would like a sample copy simply put your name and email address in the contact form and we will confirm your request and send it to you.

Why not give it a try, today?

If you missed our launch the party, don’t miss spending a few minutes with us, viewing the launch of Stories My Nana Tells. We gave away toy helicopters and four real helicopter flights on the night. It was fun! Our Launch Party

There is a great press release too – on Andrew Spriegel’s blog, on LinkedIn! Social Media Works!

Stories My Nana Tells has fabulous stories for 7yo to 12old children, so come and try us out. and you will have plenty of stories to enjoy in the weeks and months ahead.

Stories My Nana Tells

Stories My Nana Tells


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AlphaInventions: Next Step

Please click here if you want to visit the Build Your Traffic blog: Blog only

Please click here if you want to visit the Build Your Traffic
website: Website

Please use the "refresh" option on your browser 
if the site does not come up immediately.

Your responses will be recorded as part of an ongoing measure comparing “views” with actual “unique visitors” from http://www.alphainventions.com Thank you.

AlphaInventions: Next Step

Our last posting on 31 March 2009 resulted in 10,129 “views” of this blog in twenty four hours – sourced from Alpha Inventions.

The website http://www.buildyourtraffic.net has been updated to include the AlphaInventions URL – but it is viewed in text mode. 

We do know that AlphaInventions will NOT recognise your submission if the name of your site has been masked by a shortened URL
(eg http://tinyurl.com/cdodel for https://buildyourtraffic.wordpress.com orhttp://tinyurl.com/cdbfht for http://www.buildyourtraffic.net)

A traffic counter has been added to the website – which recognises unique visitors as well as page views along with a traffic viewer – but the page on which they reside is private for the time being.

This post on Alpha Inventions includes a link for the website, where “visitors” from Alpha Inventions can  acknowledge their visit and vote on Alpha Inventions as a traffic engine. We can then compare traffic from Alpha Inventions to two different sites in the same time frame and see which one receives the greater traffic – by way of link clicks.

We will not be submitting the posts directly to Alpha Inventions (http://www.alphainventions.com) because their SE already recognises this site and it should not be necessary to continually resubmit). We do submit to Ping.com each update.

Get The Report 

Previously, 18,000 views in a couple of days certainly proves that writing about Alpha Inventions makes you attractive to their rotations.  The question remains”

When the blog is open in front of the viewer – is there an incentive to click through to see more?

Would you like the results of the market analysis?

over 12,000 views to No Tall Poppies;
5851 views of Build Your Traffic and even
42 view to our sister site, Smart Poppies.

Everyone who views this page (as part of the experiment set up on April 4, 2009) and registers will get the research report as soon as it is published.

Register Now For Your Copy Of The Free ResearchReport

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AlphaInventions Research Continues

The launch of the new website BuildYourTraffic.netwas submitted through AlphaInventions.com on 30th March 2009 – from Perth Western Australia at about 7:00pm WDST.

Part of the research into the effectiveness of AlphaInventions as a real traffic generator was to see whether their search engines responds to text about their site or to links to their site. While the submission was being made, a red box popped up on screen to confirm that there is no direct link to AlphaInventions.com included on the BuildYourTraffic.net site.

Rather than being an oversight at this initial stage – it is part of the specific market testing of Alpha Inventions.

We like Alpha Inventions and we like the way a community is being built within the site. We just want to know how to get the best and most effective use from Cheru’s invention.

We were also interested to see whether announcing a website that includes a great deal of written content about AlphaInventions sparked its memory and randomly sent any viewers from its reading cycle back to this site.

The views from AlphaInventions to this site during the 18 hour review period: NONE (that is, until the writing of this post)

Compare that to 5256 “views” on 17th March 2009 and 5041 views on 14 March 2009 – when we wrote extensively about setting up the AlphaInventions Experiment.

So there has been no correlation at all in the AlphaInventions search engine between the newly submitted website with extensive content about AI – but no embedded URL. It remains to be seen what this new post will generate – without any further submission to AlphaInventions.  Then we will remove the URL Link to AlphaInventions and manually resubmit the site – to see what response we then get.  We will keep you updated.


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Lesson 3 – Build Your List (Part One)

Setting up an Internet business means that you are going to be interacting with different people, who have different needs and ideas. They arrive at your website or blog from different places and for different reasons.

• internet search engine (find)
• respond to an email (response)
• sent a link by a friend (referral)
• found you in a community group (network)
• clicked on a link (promotion)
• direct login (sourced)

In the beginning, when you are “building your list” you need at least NINE key  read the story here




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Build Your Traffic Gets Great Feedback On AlphaInventions Updates

A Special Welcome To Visitors From Alphainventions.com 

Thank you for booting us out of the reading pane!

Build Your Traffic is dedicated to helping you unravel some of the mysteries of Alphainventions, so that you get more traffic and better rankings.


One of the keys to having a blog or website that lots of search engines will find is having backlinks embedded from other sites.


Leaving comments for others and having them respond to you, gives you a backlink.  It is easy to do and really lifts the value of both your sites. Of course, they are only going to reply to you if your comment is of interest to them.

Remember the key phrase:

It Is Not About You!

It Is Not About You!


Here is a sample of some of the comments of the last couple of days:

We have a backlink!

I’ve been getting quite a few views via AI but hardly any translate into comments and that’s what I’m really after because that’s where the monologue becomes a dialogue.

I thought it was something to do with the ‘esoteric’ content on my blog but thinking about it, I haven’t left too many comments myself, so I guess that’s the way forward.

Thanks for the advice on this.                Posted on Lesson 1 http://is.gd/fhzs  and you can read the reply.



It’s so nice of you to take notice of my comment and respond to the same.

My blog is a reflection of my stocks trading and my personal life. I update my blog daily without fail.

I will without fail share with you any idea I come out with to improve Alphainventions.com.

                                                      Posted on Lesson 1 http://is.gd/fhzs and you can read the reply.


Thanks for visiting my blog, and congratulations on all your success.
Have a great day!                   Posted on Understanding Viral Marketing
http://is.gd/fDE3 and you can read the reply


Thanks; great content ;-)                    Posted on Lesson 1 http://is.gd/fhzs    and you can read the reply


I noticed a lot of traffic to our Optical gossip site (www.eyeoverheard.com) being directed from alphainventions. Even though we’re an industry specific site and the majority of people wouldn’t understand it, I wanted to recognize your efforts. I’ll pass along your site whenever possible.

Reply:  Thank you. I am delighted that a lot a people who are getting traffic through Alphainventions.com have responded to say that now they have a better idea of how it works and, even better, that it is a legitimate referral site and works well even for those who have never heard of it. Which was me – until a couple of days ago . I appreciate your kind comments.

Posted on No Tall Poppies – How To Get Instant Traffic From Alphainventions.com http://is.gd/fHKR

**there are many more comments at the same post   http://is.gd/fHKR



Before you go, please click here to give us permission to let you know immediately we update the site with Lesson 3 on Build Your Traffic – We don’t want you to miss even one update!


What will we do with your email address? We will do exactly what you ask us to do:

Let You Know Immediately We Update The Site With Lesson 3 on Build Your Traffic. That’s it.


Thank you for visiting Build Your Traffic and we hope you come back again soon.  You will find more helpful information here too: http://is.gd/fCfz



brought to you in the interests of helping you achieve your own success, by Build Your Traffic.


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