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Come Fly With Us!

Stories My Nana Tells are for the young and the young at heart.

Stories My Nana Tells is an online subscriber service, which will dispatch a new story every second week. Each story will come directly to you as the subscriber or can be sent to your nominated child or grandchild – It will be your choice – you can subscribe for both of you, if you wish.

If you would like a sample copy simply put your name and email address in the contact form and we will confirm your request and send it to you.

Why not give it a try, today?

If you missed our launch the party, don’t miss spending a few minutes with us, viewing the launch of Stories My Nana Tells. We gave away toy helicopters and four real helicopter flights on the night. It was fun! Our Launch Party

There is a great press release too – on Andrew Spriegel’s blog, on LinkedIn! Social Media Works!

Stories My Nana Tells has fabulous stories for 7yo to 12old children, so come and try us out. and you will have plenty of stories to enjoy in the weeks and months ahead.

Stories My Nana Tells

Stories My Nana Tells


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Whale Nursery At Threat By Government Plans

Did you know that the great whales that the Japanese hunt in the Gt Southern Ocean migrate to a special whaling nursery just north of Broome in Western Australia, each year.

We understand that there has be some economic development – gas is certainly better than oil – but we also need to continue to get Governments to focus on renewable energy sources like wind and solar power.

Please read this important story – http://is.gd/mgIT

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